Privacy Policy

For some reason, I’m supposed to let you know about what this website does to your browser. Not that you care. But I actually do. It’s more important than people think and one day in the future we’ll remember the good ol’ times.

So, I’m guilty of these things:

  • Analytics provided by Google. You’ll escape this if you use an ad-blocker. Good on you.
  • Anti-spam also provided by Google (reCaptcha). This is for the contact form. If I don’t do this, my inbox suffers. Note that I’ve been mindful and don’t make you solve stupid puzzles of the “select all the traffic lights” kind. It’s the v3, which uses some kind of profiling of your web behaviour. Pick your poison.
  • Fancy fonts served by… guess who? Well Google again. Though I must say they’ve done brilliant engineering there.
  • Static files are cached by Cloudflare. It’s useful because this site is now hosted on one of my servers in straya but lots of you come from France and Cloudflare, with its many points of presence all over the globe, makes sure to shorten this 16000km gap and deliver them fast. Note that they aren’t as bad as Google privacy-wise. And hmm also, it’s free.
  • I swear I’ll never share any audience data with Facebook. No cake for Zuck.

You can find Google attempt to teach how it’s good for you there. And this is Cloudflare’s

But you probably have better things to do, so why not have a look at these beautiful pictures or send me a nice message?